Panel: Digital solutions as a tool to accelerate progress towards climate goals

Black Box stage

Dr Emilija Stojmenova Duh

Minister of Digital Transformation

Republic of Slovenia

Prof. Deeph Chana

Managing Director

NATO Defence Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic (DIANA)

Marc Vancoppenolle

Vice President, Government Affairs International


Iarla Flynn

Director of Government Affairs and Public Policy for Northern Europe


Linnar Viik

Estonian Digital Transformation Advocate

In recent years, we have witnessed the value of digital solutions in extreme circumstances, many of which are directly or indirectly caused by climate change. Climate-informed governance acknowledges this, but where do we find the solutions? Could the dual transition of digital and green pave the way for a climate-resilient future? How can digital technology assist governments and enterprises in enhancing their resilience?

Digital infrastructure supports the development of clean technology. How can we expedite innovation and share our smart solutions? Can efficient cross-border data exchange and corresponding data analysis boost the green economy? How can we utilize digital tools to increase energy efficiency, and what challenges must be overcome to achieve the concept of Smart Connectivity? Is the drive for digital sovereignty an opportunity to rethink the provision of digital services in a more environmentally friendly manner? Can businesses create positive change by not only reducing emissions but also proactively limiting them through design?

Panel is moderated by Linnar Viik.