Watch #TallinnDigitalSummit 2018!

In case you missed Tallinn Digital Summit 2018 or you just want to experience it again:

Opening act


Arrivals of Delegations


Plenary session: opening remarks by Jüri Ratas, the Prime Minister of Estonia


Plenary session: keynote by Greg Corrado, Principal Scientist of Augmented Intelligence Research at Google


Plenary session: James Manyika, Chairman and Director at McKinsey Global Institute


Plenary session: keynote by Jack Clark, Strategy and Communications Director at Open AI


Breakout session: AI-driven government. Facilitation by Danny Buerkli, Centre for Public Impact


Breakout session: AI’s impact on the economy, work and skills. Facilitation by James Manyika, McKinsey Global Institute


Breakout session: Safety and security in the age of artificial intelligence. Facilitation by Luukas Ilves, Lisbon Council



Tech Talks: “How to make AI work in governments and for the people?”
Adrian Brown (Centre for Public Impact) and Miguel Carrasco (Boston Consulting Group)


Tech Talks: “Do we need to regulate algorithms?”
Kai Härmand (Ministry of Justice, Estonia), Karmen Turk (Trinity Law Offices), Adrian Brown (Centre for Public Impact and Miguel Carrasco (Boston Consulting Group), moderator Marten Kaevats


Tech Talks: “The AI Index – How can we measure activity and progress in AI?”
Jack Clark (Open AI) and James Manyika (The McKinsey Global Institute)


Closing remarks by the knowledge partners of Tallinn Digital Summit
Danny Buerkli (Centre for Public Impact), James Manyika (McKinsey Global Institute), Luukas Ilves (Lisbon Council)


Closing remarks by Jüri Ratas, the Prime Minister of Estonia