Top AI experts give a public lecture at TalTech

On Monday, 16 September, at a public lecture called “AI: Margins to Mainstream” at the Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech), acclaimed experts Joanna Bryson (University of Bath), Stephen Hsu (University of Michigan) and Nanjira Sambuli (World Wide Web Foundation) will focus on the rapidly growing part artificial intelligence plays in our daily lives.

“We live in an age where technology is constantly changing the way we live and work, and this inevitably raises the issue of what will become of humans and humanity,” said Gert Jervan, Dean of the TalTech School of Information Technologies. “Therefore, I am very pleased that the top names in this field are coming to share their thoughts and knowledge on artificial intelligence,” he added.

The two-hour session will focus on how to harness the potential of artificial intelligence in a focused and meaningful way in areas, such as health, agriculture, politics and the financial sector. The discussions will start at 2.30 pm in Mektory.
There is great interest in the field of artificial intelligence in Estonia. This is illustrated by the number of people who have registered for the lecture, reaching more than 250 people. Due to the great interest, the lecture will also be broadcast live on the web.

The public lecture is an introduction to the Tallinn Digital Summit 2019 at Fotografiska Tallinn on 17 September, where twenty experts in the field, along with delegations from 20 countries led by IT and digital ministers, will discuss the opportunities and threats to consider in the artificial intelligence world.
“The sessions of Bryson, Hsu and Sambuli on topics, such as ethics, gene technology, and democratic processes, are drawing attention around the world, so as the host of the digital summit, I am delighted that the expert discussion will reach a wider audience in Tallinn,” said Liina Areng, Head of the Tallinn Digital Summit.

This year’s Digital Summit will focus on how to increase the efficiency of the public sector through artificial intelligence, what means to use to develop the necessary skills in the labour market, and the impact that artificial intelligence can have on health care delivery and the development of the justice system. The conference is organised by the Government Office in cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications.