TDS 2022 will take place on 10-11 October

The main theme of this year’s Tallinn Digital Summit is delivering trusted connectivity through trusted partnerships.

Last year Tallinn Digital Summit focused on Trusted Connectivity as a shared conceptual framework for like-minded democracies to consolidate and amplify their several connectivity initiatives while also highlighting the nexus between cross-border infrastructure, geopolitics, and digital technologies.

It was a much-needed answer to three major overlapping trends exerting an increasing influence on global affairs:

  • The unprecedented and ever-increasing global demand for digital and physical infrastructure.
  • The resurgence of ideological competition between democratic and autocratic countries.
  • Climate change and environmental degradation.

At the Tallinn Digital Summit 2021 representatives from the world’s many democracies and international organizations called for a unifying framework to improve coordination among democracies so that our digital future is built upon human dignity, fundamental freedoms, and international rules-based order. Their collective concern gave rise to the Tallinn Consensus on Trusted Connectivity.

This year the Summit will take the agenda further and focus on delivering trusted connectivity through trusted partnerships. The Summit will elaborate on what a trusted and secure digital society could look like, as well as on concrete steps for governments, financial institutions, international organizations, technical experts, and the private sector to take to ensure our digital future advances human freedom, human dignity, and the rules-based international order.