Announcing the Tallinn Digital Summit EXPO: connecting government decision-makers with business owners and organisations around the world

Tallinn Digital Summit, an annual event hosted by the Prime Minister of Estonia, Kaja Kallas, brings together leaders from the digitally advanced world. For the second year, this year’s summit features an exciting addition, the Tallinn Digital Summit EXPO, which serves as a vital networking platform for B2B, B2G, and G2B connections, facilitating meaningful collaborations among decision-makers, business owners, and organisations from across the globe. 

“We are pleased to organise this year’s Tallinn Digital Summit EXPO, which brings together leaders and innovators from all over the world to find solutions to major global challenges together,” said Tiit Riisalo, Minister of Economic Affairs and Information Technology. He added that the event allows partners to present innovative solutions and ideas, participate in high-level political discussions with different companies and countries, and lay the foundation for building new networks to expand the global reach of their companies. “EXPO provides a growth platform for new partners and fosters an entrepreneurial future with forward-thinking ideas capable of changing the world we’re living in,” the minister noted. 

The Tallinn Digital Summit EXPO aims to foster valuable connections and pave the way for innovative collaborations to address pressing global challenges. For this year’s event, innovators and service or product providers focused on the topics of digitalisation, sustainability, artificial intelligence and cyber security are especially encouraged to join the EXPO to take full advantage of the opportunities that come with the event, which include the Tallinn Digital Summit’s conference and main stage, EXPO stage and online EXPO creating an ample space for showcasing and high-level discussions. 

“It was incredible to see that Tallinn Digital Summit and EXPO had such a huge global reach last year – we had visitors to our platform from over 83 different countries, and altogether 79 partners presented their solutions and ideas on two different stages,” said Risto Hansen, the Head of Tallinn Digital Summit EXPO. 

If your company or organisation has innovative solutions to solve global challenges and would like to present them, register your interest before the 7th of August 2023 at 

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